Monday, June 20, 2011

Savory Swiss Chard Pie

I have tried growing a garden full of vegetables here in Pa'auilo for 18 years. Every year. Without fail. My husband would retill the land and replant. A gorgeous garden plot. Fresh and filled with seedlings. And then it would get cold and wet in the winter months. And the weeds would start creeping in and before I knew it they would choke out my beautiful veggies. So sad. So depressing. So defeating.
This past year, my husband made me garden boxes, my son filled them with great soil, and I have been able to control the pesky weeds! Plus I think it helps to control the live pests, including my dogs and cat, and the miscellaneous turkeys, fanklins, and pheasants.
As a result, I have more kale and swiss chard than I know what to do with (besides throwing them in my smoothies). I went from never eating kale and swiss chard ever in 50 years to trying to find uses for both of them. Daily.
Here is one recipe I found on the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen blog. It's kind of a quiche substitute. Give it a try! I bet you could change up the veggies very easily. Click here for the recipe.
I included a bit of flat leaf parsley and a few pieces of kale.

No oil saute. Just need a little water in the bottom of the pan.

Chop it up!

I had leftover firm tofu in fridge so I didn't use the silken tofu. You'll probably get better results if you do.

Nice and creamy

Ready to pop into the oven!

All pau! Nice yellow color.

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