Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Crazy Life and Creamed Whatever

I have no method to my madness of choosing what to cook. Sometimes it is based on what I have in the refrigerator/freezer. Sometimes it’s a craving I have. But usually it goes like this (which is seriously what  I did this past hour):

1. Sitting on the couch watching the news, I decide to go to my google reader and check out any new post. Anything I find appetizing, I open in a new tab to read later. Or I star it. And then I usually end up not reading it. It's awful.

2. I do find one recipe that looks REALLY good. I open up the blog in a new window. It sounds good, it's called vegan creamed spinach  but I don't have any spinach. But I do love creamed spinach even though I've never tasted a vegan version. And all of these thoughts race through my head very quickly.

3. I decide that even if I don't have some of the ingredients (almond milk, fresh nutmeg, onion powder, spinach), I'll give it a shot and try to use what I do have available that may or may not be a good substitute.

4. I grab a scissors and a basket and go to my garden to gather kale and swiss chard.  

5. I come back in and put my computer in a good location so I can cook and read the recipe since I haven't even read the steps.  

6. I wash the kale/chard and start making the dish.

Yup. That's exactly how it went. 

I didn't have almond milk so I used plain soy milk. I also didn't have onion powder but I did have dried onion flakes. I put it over some whole wheat noodles and it tasted very good together. There was a sweetness to it that I really liked.  My youngest, however, said "it was okay." She said she likes her sweet stuff sweet but dinner stuff shouldn't be in that category. I tried to sprinkle some of my sacred truffle salt on it to see how it would change the taste and I must say I liked it better without the salt.
If you decide to try it, let me know how it went. Oh, and don't forget to let me know if you followed the original recipe to the tee. I have a bad habit of not doing that.

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