Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mango Season = Mango Mania

There is nothing as joyful as mango season. Wait. I take that back. There is nothing as joyful as access to mangoes during mango season. And thanks to family living on the west side of Oʻahu and a trip to visit grandkids, I bartered for my favorite fruit. Oh. So. Worth it.

Seriously. How could this not look like the perfect breakfast to you? Okay, I get it. A mango crisp? Top of my list. Buttery goodness. Crisp topping. Brown sugar love. But I got me some love handles from so much of that brown sugary buttery goodness love that I make a huge effort to go sans that. And trust me. This raw oats with fresh coconut milk, topped with mango cubes and sprinkled with some bee pollen is plenty yum for me. And because of the whole grain oats, I stay full for a long time, usually at least a good four hours. So worth it.

 I added some chia seeds to my oatmeal to soak up some of that coconut milk. I used this mango slicer that my brother, Bulla, gave me a few years ago. Works perfectly!

Yesterday, since the weather was a little cooler, I went ahead a cooked my raw oats with some almond milk on the stove for a short while. Added some mangoes into the pot to sweeten up the oats a bit and then when it was ready, topped it all with more mangoes. You can't have enough mango!

Other ways I've had mango this past week? Mango sticky rice, mango in my smoothie, and just plain old cut up mango, curl up on the couch, watch some Ellen mango. Big mahalo to Jordan and Naomi for sharing their mangoes with me!!!


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