Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Have Another Donut, a.k.a. Diabetes Anyone?

I am not one to listen to music when I exercise. I either have to be walking/running with a friend or I have to listen to an audiobook or podcast. Yesterday on my walk I opted to listen to a podcast. Having an iPhone makes it so easy to do so but I am sure it is just as easy with a Blackberry or an Android. Once upon a time, I did a search in podcasts (or you could do a web search on your computer, "podcast joel fuhrman) for Joel Fuhrman and up popped an index of "Nutritional Wisdom with Joel Fuhrman" and the podcasts were archived, complete with the subject of the radio show. GREAT STUFF! I could pick my topic of interest and as luck would have it, lately I have been thinking about all my family who suffered through diabetes (loss of eyesight/death) and all my friends who have been or who are on medication.  And there was a podcast entitled, "Don't Control Your Diabetes - Get Rid of It!" It was 55 minutes of information, including this important tidbit:


I don't know how scientifically accurate this is but there is NOTHING good about a donut. First of all it is made with this:
Yup. An actual screenshot. The best ingredient in here is the water. Other than that you have milk (dairy), salt, white sugar, shortening (fat), all-purpose flour (refined flour = sugar), confectioners sugar, and oil for frying. Hey, while you're at it, have a maple bacon donut!! NICE!!!

In Hilo, I see many a man (and not always an aged person) riding in a wheelchair missing a leg. Or two. And I know that 9 times out of 10 it is from diabetes. It makes me cry. And my friends who go from taking Metformin to taking insulin is heartbreaking. Seriously heartbreaking. To think that I will lose them to diabetes.

The point of the podcast is that the drugs people take when they are diabetic do not cure diabetes. In fact, the drugs can make it worse. You can get rid of diabetes without drugs, all through your diet. ALL THROUGH YOUR DIET. GET RID OF IT.

So the point of this blog post is two fold: GET RID OF YOUR DIABETES and download some free podcasts, Dr. Fuhrman's and other healthy related podcasts and get out there to exercise!


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