Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungry for Change

I have been remiss in blogging. I know. I apologize. No excuse other than busy life. And not really cooking a lot. Or cooking nondescript meals. But maybe there is a post in that whole notion!

But what I really want to get you to do is to stop right now and watch this. NOW. Hungry for Change. I think everyone is hungry for change but they don't really know why or how. This will help you.  Free viewing ends on March 31st. And I think it is that important that you shouldn't do any more reading of this other than to click here. All you have to do is enter your name and email and then you can watch it. Numerous times. I watched it three times already. And I wrote down the names of the people featured in the documentary so that I could look up their books online. Oh yes I did! This documentary rejuvenated me along the same lines as Forks Over Knives and Food Matters and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

I hope you will be inspired too.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Licious Dishes

I fell in love with Licious Dishes last year when I went to KCC and happened upon the booth of Sylvia and Pete Thompson featuring very creative and delicious raw foods. Disclaimer: while raw foods are generally very high in fruits, veggies, nuts and whole grains, they can also contain oils, sugars, and salt.  With that out of the way, I would still highly recommend foods at Licious Dishes. Sylvia uses organic high quality and when at all possible, local ingredients. If you stop by her LITTLE shop at Dole Cannery, you can also buy hemp seed, spirulina, chia seeds and much more. 

Outside their Dole Cannery store

Sylvia (w/ the blue apron) and her crew pause for a photo

Sylvia and Pete Thompson

Their booth at KCC Farmer's Market) Saturday
My ultimate favorite thing to buy at her shop is the Macho Nachos. It is my chip fix. When I cannot make my own kale chips, I grab an order of Macho Nachos. It has the perfect mix of spicy, crunchy, yummy goodness. When I need a meal when others want to eat at Costco I run into Licious Dishes and grab me a Not Tuna Salad or a Garden Burger. I can honestly say that there is NOTHING I don't like that Licious Dishes makes. Honestly. Check out her meals and grab and goes here.

Her hubby is a KS grad and together they radiate health so there must be something working in a raw diet. In fact, Dr. Fuhrman touts eating raw! I bet you're not meeting your one pound of raw veggies a day! But if you buy your meals from Licious Dishes you just might meet that goal!

Go check them out.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Food Saver & Canning Jars

You've read about salad jars on my blog here and here. I'm starting to take it to a whole new level. While I haven't used my food saver on a salad jar I did try it on several other things I store in my  jars, just to keep them fresher longer. I got the idea on this blog post. Clever huh? It's just what I'm going to need to keep my veggies fresher longer because I can't stand wilted lettuce. I went on Amazon and order the wide mouth and regular mouth sealer. Delivery was quick! And then with the help of my hubby we set out to vacuum seal pasta, cornmeal and more. Super easy.

You just need to put on the top part (not the screw on part) on your mason jar.

Put on the jar sealer

grab the little hose thingy on your sealer and stick the nozzle in the sealer

press the button on the machine

and the rest is a piece of cake!

When the sealing is done, you just remove the jar sealer and screw on the screw on part (although you don't really need to). Good luck popping it off! You actually need to get a butter knife to pop it off! Vacuum means TIGHT! and fresh.


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