Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Corn Salad

Two weeks ago a friend of mine gave me a few husks of corn. OH. SO. YUMMY. And so I jumped at the chance of buying a dozen at the open market this past weekend (in Waimea). It is candy to me. It is that sweet. And as a reformed candy eater (except if you put black jelly beans in front of me I will devour it all. No matter how much there is), I can tell you this is just as sweet. Oh my gosh, I wish I lived in the middle of a corn field. But not in Iowa. Just right here.
Last week I saw an blog post for a corn salad that looked so delicious. I couldn't find it (I really need some organizational skills) but I could remember the key ingredients were corn, cherry tomatoes and avocado. Seasoning included two types of vinegars and salt and pepper.
I was already disappointed with the balsamic vinegar that I used on my grilled portobellos in this post so I decided to forgo the vinegars. All I did was grill some corn (on a grill pan in the comfort of my home), cut the kernels off (gosh they do go flying if you have a tall corn on the cob), cut some cherry tomatoes in half (or quarters, depending on the size), and diced up a ripe avocado. Just mixed it all together, added some fresh ground pepper and chopped green onion (scallions) and served. The family went nuts. I ate the SMALL container of leftovers for dessert. About an hour after dinner. I loved it that much.

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