Monday, June 27, 2011

Hold the Rice and Noodles, Please

I <3 Korean food. We frequent H & K in Hilo (near Soontarees, another favorite spot to eat) so frequently that my granddaughter, when asked where she wants to go eat, will say, "Her friend's house." That's H & K. We know everyone by name. Hulali runs behind the counter to hug everyone.
Since eating a plant-based diet it has been a bit more more meat jun or spicy pork for me. Fortunately, like most Asian cuisine, Koreans include lots of veggies in their daily diet.
While the veggies may be cooked with a bit of sesame oil and contain some sugar (in the gochujang sauce maybe?) or perhaps too much salt (in the kimchee), in the greater scheme of things, it's still great for you!
When you get to know the owners/cooks you have a greater chance of getting just what you need! We love bibimbap (mixed veggies with rice) and bibim kook soo (mixed veggies with noodles) but since we are trying to minimize consumption of refined carbs we just ask for the bibim part! ALL VEGGIES! Put a little kochujang sauce on it, mix it all up and be prepared to experience love. Korean style.

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  1. I've never tried H&K but I love Soontaree's! The pumpkin curry is to die for. This sounds really 'ono too!



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