Monday, May 30, 2011


I don't consider myself vegetarian or vegan. I am choosing to eat at least 90% of my diet as plant based (fruits, veggies, beans, nuts). Biggest question I get from people? Where do I get my protein.

I spend almost all my downtime (when I'm not watching the early morning news or Grey's Anatomy) reading up on living a plant strong lifestyle. I recently read an interview between Jackie (of Peer Trainer) and Rip Esselstyn (Engine 2 Diet). And my best takeaway is this:

Basically, if you want to go to the mother source, the mother source of vitamins, of minerals, for protein, the essential amino acids, you want to go straight to plants because, basically, like the lion gets his protein from the antelope which gets it from the grass and the greens. And so, the lion's getting a recycled form of animal protein from the plants. So, just go right to the mother source. Meat is missing all kinds of stuff. That's the thing that people don't realize. It has no carbohydrates. Our primary fuels as human beings are carbohydrates. Our brains run off glucose. Our brains basically burn 500 calories of glucose a day, and meat also doesn't have water. It doesn't have fiber. It's missing about three vitamins. It has no phytochemicals. So, meat is missing all kinds of stuff. And then, the protein that it has is an acidic forming type of protein that has such a high biological value that it turns on cancers and tumors. It is an incredible inflammatory agent, so it inflames everything in the body, and it leaches calcium from the bones because it has such a high acidic kind of level in the body. And our bodies don't like being in that acid state that it cannibalizes your bones of the calcium which is a great alkalizing agent in order to buffer that acid load. So from a protein perspective, your best source of dietary protein comes from plants. It's the mother source. Your best source of absorbable or retainable calcium comes from plants. Think about it. Where does the cow get his calcium from? He gets it from the greens.

Take that one to the bank.

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