Sunday, May 15, 2011

California Veggie Burgers

I usually make my dishes from scratch but I’m always on the lookout for something quick and easy, too, for those days when I just don’t have it in me to be creative AND spend lots of time in the kitchen.  In my make believe mind this usually happens on a weeknight when I get home late and am pooped. But in my real life mind it happens on a Sunday evening when the lazy days of Sunday have set in. Why slave in the kitchen when I can spend time in the garden, take a walk with the dogs, and do a load of laundry!
Add to all that work was an early trip to Kona, making several stops along the way, including MY FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP...brace yourself...COSTCO! I <3 Costco. And I hardly EVER walk out of that place without having paid a bill well over $300. I think I like it most because buying food at Costco means that I don't have to stop at the grocery store at all during the week, maybe even during the year, save for veggie/fruit purchases at the open market. But that doesn't count. Basically I hate grocery shopping. Costco helps relieve that pressure. Quality. Good price. Lots of aisles. Everything I need and want from clothes and groceries to toiletries and office supplies.
Costco has at least 3 different brands of "vegetarian burgers" so after a small amount of hemming and hawing I settled on Dr. Praeger's All Natural California Veggie Burger.  Good choice. I just wanted to share it with you in case you're on the lookout for a good, fast meal that you can find at Costco.
Somehow this pic makes the burgers look a lot greener than they really are (buns on right)

Simple toppings

Love the thinness of these 100% whole wheat breads. Tasty, sturdy.

Love that each burger is individually wrapped. Make sure you "grill" it good on each side.

I added a little mustard

And finally opened a bottle of delicious Indian curry ketchup that I bought in Portland, OR.

I wish I opened it earlier! It is DELICIOUS!

I could have eaten 2, maybe even 3. But I just ate one.


  1. Ooh! We're always on the lookout for 'ono veggie burgers. We like Morningstar better than Bocca, but I'll try Dr. Praeger's All Natural California Veggie Burger next time we hit Costco :D

  2. I'm glad to hear you like Morningstar. That was one of my choices but it seemed to have a bit too many artificial ingredients in their list. At Costco I love their FRESH veggie burgers found by the fresh soups and pizza.



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