Monday, January 2, 2012

These Feet Were Made for Walkin'

A friend just texted me, thanking me for the 365 miles in 2011 challenge. I was just heading out the door for my morning walk and I realized how blessed I am to have feet that walk.

I had two long walks yesterday for a total of 10 miles which is the most I've done (or the only walks I've done) since I completed the Honolulu Marathon last month. My body was aching when I woke up. It feels a lot better right now but I know it will be hurting for at least another day. But then I realized...

I have working feet and they should be honored through walking (even running too but that's a demon I am tackling and/or coming to terms with). In the marathon there were people who had feet way older than mine (in their 80s!) and people whose legs were not as cooperative as mine (polio and other ailments), there were feet carrying way more weight than mine had to carry, and yet, they walked.
My favorite walking buddies

Rain or shine

Walking to and from Starbucks, baby and all

walking ala hiking

And friends make the walk go faster! And they will push you to go farther!

And some will even enter walks/runs with you and then you have someone to celebrate with!

And you'll see join up with like minded individuals while you're at it!

Ah, my favorite walking buddy...AGAIN!

And so I will continue to honor my feet through walking as much as possible. I will thank God everyday for giving me the ability to walk and even run, to enjoy kickboxing and Zumba, to play volleyball and go on hikes. I know that having feet that can walk is a privilege not afforded to all. I know that there are people who do NOT exercise that privilege  (pun intended) and as a result have a very difficult time walking short distances. That will not be me. And please don't let it be you.

Not a walker? Are you the one that can only go short distances? Well, heck then GO THE SHORT DISTANCE! Every. Single. Day. Rain or shine. And then you go a little longer. And a little longer. And then you join me in a marathon or two. Or just for a walk around the park.


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  1. I remember reading an article once in which a woman who was wheelchair-bound said, wistfully, "There are so many people who could run, but don't."

    Great blog post. Thanks for the reminder. You are inspiring.



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