Friday, January 20, 2012

Salad Jars

I swear this is going to make my life and yours a lot easier, especially for you working peeps who need should take your own lunch to work. I got it from the post of one of my favorite blogs, Peas and Thank You.  It is the most ingenious thing I've ever seen. And after I read it (go ahead and read it now!) I went straight to my kitchen and rummaged through my veggie drawers to see what I had available. The possibilities are endless. You just need a good sized jar (I love canning jars). Then you just need to put the dressing on the bottom, then add in your beans and start layering from there. I can't think of any veggie you can't put in there! As I'm sitting here I'm thinking of themed salad jars...
How about cucumbers, turnips, pea shoots and shredded napa cabbage with an oriental dressing or cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, onions and romaine with a creamy dressing.

But don't even worry about themes or special veggies. Just use what you currently have. Here's my first one:
I have my deity dressing on the bottom (thank you Happy Herbivore). Next you'll see garbanzo beans, then I also have red bell pepper, cucumber, pea shoots and carrots.

I can get lettuce at our dining hall so all I have to do is dump my veggie jar right on top of the lettuce and voila!! The goodies are right on top of the lettuce and the dressing can run down through it all. Wonderful. And tasty.

My friend at work took one look at what did and that evening made her very own. Exact same thing in two separate jars! You can see all her goodies! Leave out the zucchini in her top layer and you can stuff a lot of spinach or lettuce, maybe some arugula in there. OH MY!

Doesn't this make taking lunch to work seem much more manageable? I used to pack up a bag with about 4 different containers just for ONE salad. Wait. Make that 5 because there is always the dressing!

Give it a shot. And if you do, please take a photo of it and email it to me at! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

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