Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fruit Salad

I could live off of fruits. I recall a time about 5 years ago. A friend gave me a box of the most delicious mangoes ever. And I ate them everyday, several a day. I thought for sure I was going to gain at least 10 pounds because I felt like it was eating tons of sugar all day long. Lo and behold once I stepped on the scale after the frenzy was over, I had actually lost weight. That got me thinking that fruits are a great thing no matter what!

Living off of fruits is a good thing if you live in Hawai'i. We are fortunate to have some form of fresh fruit all year long. Bananas are always in season. Avocados abound at this time of year. And citrus trees are alive with orange and yellow right about now! Pomegranates can be found and the list can go on. And if you don't mind the huge carbon footprint that imported fruits have, then your choices of delectables are even larger (can't believe I saw Cherries in Safeway for more than $8 a pound. Ridiculous).

In my younger days the only type of fruit salad I would partake of were those that had a mixture of whipped cream in it. Kind of defeats the purpose of the fruit, don't you think? When you are a nutritarian, you truly enjoy the TRUE taste of pure fruit. Dripping down your chin getting stuck between your teeth make your mouth water fruit. Why ruin it with whipped cream that leaves an oily film in your mouth? The thought makes me sad now.

And seriously, why is it called a salad anyway?

Just wanted to share with you the best ever looking fruit salad that my niece, Ashley, prepared. She included at least five different fruits including my favorite part: sectioned grapefruit!!! It was so delicious. On day three (surprised it lasted so long but there were so many leftovers from Thanksgiving), I threw the rest of it in a blender, added some soy milk and had the most delicious smoothie ever. This fruit salad needed NOTHING to accompany vanilla sauce, no whipped cream. It was beautiful and tasty all on its own.


  1. Looks fantastic! I'm guessing raspberries, watermellon, blueberries, and grapefruit? Would oranges be the fifth ingredient?

  2. No watermelon...there was canteloupe and kiwi! So so over the top 'ono. All on its own. It was the perfect mix. And knowing that berries are SUPERFOODS made it even more delicious.



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