Friday, December 23, 2011

Healthy Skin

At a party last night two thirty something women were going on and on about anti aging products they were using as part of their daily efforts at slowing down the aging process. They conversed back and forth about how it's important to be preventative and how you just can't use the products until the wrinkles go away. It's daily. Everyday. And spending good money on good products is a good thing. They were so proud of themselves. And while they were going on and on while snacking on goodies on the pūpū table I wondered if they had any inkling about the role that food and drinks play on the overall health of their skin. Dr. Fuhrman has a great post on his blog related to how foods contribute to our complexion.

What we choose to put into our bodies in the form of food (fruits and veggies vs. processed foods and chemicals) and drinks (water vs. alcohol or soda) plays a bigger role in the health of our skin and in actually slowing down the aging process (as does exercise) than anything we can put ON our skin topically. And I am not even going to consider the toxic nature of the chemicals in skin care products.

We, as women, will spend millions of dollars every year on skin care products and yet will have no qualms about the day to day crap we put in our mouths, i.e., McDonald's, chips, sodas, alcohol and coffee (and I'm not immune to a couple of things on this list). But if we are so concerned about our overall looks (and slowing down the appearance of those inevitable fine lines, crow's feet, and bags under the eyes), we would be best served by concentrating on how we treat our bodies in terms of diet and exercise. We should consider the cost savings of getting out and walking everyday and eating fruits and veggies instead of spending $$ every month on cleansers, toners, creams and lotions and then all the makeup that goes on top of it (a whole new post as I ponder a makeup free life).

I look at some of the 6 week challengers around me and sometimes I remark on how slim their faces look but lately I've been looking at them and saying, "Wow, great skin!" It shows. When you put good things IN your body, it shows ON your body.

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