Thursday, October 6, 2011

Simple Mango Salsa

I love me some mango. Oh yes I do. If you have a mango sitting around and you don't necessarily want to just eat it as a yummy dessert, try making a yummy mango salsa. Very similar to making a regular salsa except instead of tomatoes just cut up your mango!
Trust me when I say these are "mini" mangoes. They fit in my palm. I used three. You can also see my lime (I squeezed a whole one) and remnants of cilantro and part of a pepper I bought at the open market. I don't even know its name. 
Don't you just wanna suck on the seed? I did. Suck on it. 

Put it all together with a chopped up onion.

Pre mixed. You can, at this point, add some ground pepper.

I love this stuff. We used baked whole grain tortilla chips and baked corn tortillas (cut into triangles first then baked) and cucumber slices. You seriously cannot scoop up enough of this at one time. I woke up the next morning longing for more only to find the empty bowl in the dish rack. Wah.

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