Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crazy Delicious Kale Chips Smothered in Sauce

I just had the weirdest thought. I made the most delicious kale chips. I am in love. I want to shout it to the world how good these things are so I am making this post special the night before I fly to Honolulu for 1.5 days and Vegas for another 4. I have laundry to wash and a bag to pack. I have paperwork to gather and stuffs to read. But I wanna do this. And then I thought... (boohoo) what if you don't love it as much as I love it?

TOO BAD! Something might possibly be wrong with you. You need to go check. Because I want to marry these chips. I actually want to hide them from my daughter and husband but daughter helped me make them and hubby washed the dishes and that would just be wrong since they did all that. Right?

The recipe to this most delicious can be found on this blog, Dish 'n' That. Click it. Right here. Yum. I have to give you the following important information. Measurements are NOT THAT IMPORTANT. The first time I made it, I only had 1/8 c. tahini. No big deal. I just poured in what I thought might be a cup of cashews. And my lemon was really a lime. I didn't have tamari so I used shoyu. And I left out the sea salt. I didn't have a red pepper so I used a green pepper. No big deal. And I didn't even notice that it called for water. It doesn't even tell you how much but for some reason I didn't even use any water the first time.

The second time I got ambition and I doubled up the recipe. While I was ecstatic my food processor was not. And most notably because I didn't add water. So I dumped everything into the vitamix (crusher of EVERYTHING) and was able to get it all mixed well. Then the daughter asked me if I added the water. will now.

I would say the consistency is like a soft serve ice cream.
Another important part: USE YOUR HANDS. That curly kale folds up and when you do it with your hands you can unfold the kale and make sure there is creamy goodness on all parts.
I baked it at 210 for about 1 hour. You have to check them after about 45 minutes. I would even try to up to 225 and check it earlier. Or pull a Rap Replinger and up it to 800 degrees for 30 seconds.

When you check them, look for the biggest one and make sure it is crispy. It shouldn't bend AT ALL without breaking. It's that chip like. Hurry. Make it now.
Doubling the recipe really fills up the food processor and makes TONS of sauce 
Consistency of soft serve or or sorta runny peanut butter

kale is washed and spun dry. The dryer the better

Check out the hand action!

Take your time. Wash hands BEFORE and AFTER.

The Before



This didn't last longer than 10 minutes on the counter

Soon to be eaten
I can't wait to make more when I come back from my trip and my kale plants have had a time to recuperate after their heavy trimming this afternoon. I want to make a jalapeno flavored chip and a sweet and salty one (adding date syrup).  What other flavors do you think would work well?

If you have any questions, post them below. I want everyone to enjoy the goodness that is kale chips.


  1. Good grief, you have me drooling! Tomorrow, while you're away, I go to your house and yank out the rest of your kale so I can make my own. (Kidding, kidding.) I'm definitely going to try this!! But I'll buy my own kale.

  2. Hi Liana,
    I am going to be the woman that comes between you and your kale chips! But I think there is plenty enough to share. :-) You're right about how good they are and I like your idea about adding a jalapeno to the mix. The recipe is forgiving, but the results are consistently sensational.
    I like your blog!

  3. Mahalo Barbara! Someone else came up with a possible flavor twist: Balsamic Vinegar! Hmmm...

  4. I don't have tahini! I have already started making these and just realized I'm out. I'm going to add a little almond butter instead and see what happens....



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