Friday, October 14, 2011

End of the 6 Week Challenge

What a busy week. But full of joy and excitement and good jujus!

Our 6 weeks challenge to EAT TO LIVE, which started on September 1, ended on Oct. 12th. Thirteen  of the challengers showed up at our health room to get their post assessment data done (out of 14. One is sick).
Here are the highlights (may include some outside of the 14):

  1. Top woman weight loser at our campus lost 18 pounds (though she says if she could strip down to nothing it would be 20. I believe.).
  2. Everyone lost at least 1 inch around their waist. A couple people lost +6 inches.
  3. Everyoneʻs body fat percentage went down.
  4. Everyone lost weight except one (and he gained one pound) but HE lost 4 inches. Lots. I guess muscle does weigh more.
  5. Almost everyoneʻs blood glucose reading improved (and everyone was under 100 except one.).
  6. One person who was pre diabetic is NOT now.
  7. Everyoneʻs blood pressure improved.One went from 180/110 to 136/98. WOWWOWWOW!
  8. Same person went from prediabetic to NOT.
  9. One person's BMI went from 37.24 to 35.44.
  10. One person's body fat percentage went from 29.8% to 20.0%.
  11. Top male loser lost THIRTY POUNDS! omg. Can he get a wootwoot?
  12. I could go on, but I really  need to compile the data officially and get some graphs done to share.
  13. Total inches lost from 13 challengers: 41.5 inches. WAIST 
Needless to say, many of the challengers said they will continue. That makes my heart sing a happy tune. Something Stevie Wonder-ish. I love it. And others have talked me into a November 1 challenge (people on our campus who have watched these challengers transform before their eyes).

You know when you are around someone who is changing his/her LIFE, and you ponder your own life circumstances, it helps to see what that person is doing. And when you see that he/she is EATING lots everyday and he/she is HAPPY (not all grouchy and feeling hungry and tired and hungry even more) and he/she is glowing and full of energy, it's not a tough choice. And people are talking here. People want to know how everyone is doing it. And when you see that it's not just one or two but it's many, then it's like shouting out to the world. Or campus in this case.
Now if that doesn't make you jump on the dang bandwagon I don't know what will. I've ordered 8 more Eat to Live books for the newbies coming on board. And we've got tons of support for them.

We've planned a potluck celebration for participants in Hilo. And invited interested others.

I can't wait.

On September 1, the 14 challengers came into the office for pre assessment tests. This included taking a string and measuring their waist (piko/bellybutton level). When they came in on Oct. 12th, they took their string around their waists again and cut off the excess. That's what you see below. I took all the string bits. They are all in my office here. A HUGE gift to me that I will cherish. Everytime I look on my table I will think of the challengers and how they changed their lives.


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