Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Letter to the Eat to Live 6 Weeks Challengers

Many of you know that there is an AWESOME group of challengers, spread throughout the Hawaiian Islands (and one on the mainland) that have committed to changing their lives and, for most of them, the lives of their families. I am blown away each and everyday by their progress. We all started on September 1 and we will officially end on October 12th but I already know that by then, for most, this will be a lifestyle change. As it should be.
I just thought I'd share one of my emails to them:


Revelation -  Those who read the book Eat to Live "GET IT" and have an easier time sticking to the challenge. I remember when I first listened to the audio version, Dr. Fuhrman (it's really him on the audiobook on iTunes) he said that you had to read the ENTIRE book. You couldn't just skip to the eating part. I was aching to fast forward. But I took his word and I listened to the whole thing. And boy am I glad I did. I GOT IT! It pieced everything together for me. And then I started watching videos: Forks over Knives. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Food Matters. And more pieces fit. I GOT IT!

Now when people ask me where I get my protein I tell them that vegetables have, calorie for calorie, WAY MORE PROTEIN than meat. They don't believe me. And then when they ask where I get my calcium, I tell them there are a NUMBER of good sources of calcium out there such as spinach, kale, and broccoli. And I let them know that the countries that consume the MOST dairy also have a higher incidence of osteoporosis! TRUE! Vegetarians absorb more calcium and retain it better than non vegetarians. I never tell them my other beliefs about how sugar feeds cancer growth or how meat puts you at higher risk for type 2 diabetes (not to mention heart disease). 

If you haven't read the book, READ IT. If you have, READ IT AGAIN. Because seriously, it is so full of information that there is no way you got it all the first time around. Or pick out another book by one of the following: Caldwell or Rip Esselstyn, Colin Campbell, Neal Barnard. That should get you off to a good start. Knowledge is everything!

A lifetime of compromised health does not have to be your destiny. 

What is currently fueling me is all of you. Be the change you wish to see in the world. We spend so much money on health care. I see people everyday who cannot even get up and move. I hear about people sick and dying of diseases that are diet related. It doesn't need to be that way. And then I hear from all of you, how much weight you are losing, how you were a little fatigued in the beginning but now you're feeling more energy, how you're discovering new food (both good and bad!), and how you're facing BIG challenges, including camping trips, anniversary dinners, unsupportive family members/friends. People are abuzz. Share your experiences on our Facebook page AND amongst your 'ohana and friends. We aim to improve the health of all of us. We have an epidemic going on. Almost half of our population is overweight or obese. Worse off are all Polynesians. If we can change ourselves and be true to a healthy lifestyle we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

Next topic: flatulence.
Just kidding. I'm sure you have your fill of that topic :-)

E ola!

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