Sunday, April 1, 2012


So I anticipated catching up and even storing some blog posts during the spring break of two weeks ago. Let's just call that my wishful thinking period. Reality is that I had three grandchildren and a daughter or two in on the mix. And all dreams of fancy footwork in the kitchen went to pieces.

And so it reminded me about how hard it is for those of you with little ones. Or even semi big ones. The day to day grind of entertaining kids, shuttling them to and fro, cleaning up, playing games, going outside, coming back in, going outside, coming back in leaves a Mama (or Puna) with little time to ponder and conjure up a great home cooked whole foods meal (not even going to talk about exercise).

Visions of me driving through McDonalds or buying fries for the kids wherever fries were sold came to mind as did boxed mac n cheese and hamburger helper.

And then I listened to Hungry for Change that likened sugar to cocaine. Ouch. And that reminded me of how dairy products are filled with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and pus. Oh my. Okay. Got it.

So my meals that week weren't necessarily gourmet exquisiteness. They were quite simple: stir fries, pastas, peanut butter honey sandwiches (that the kiddos made themselves), cut fruits, smoothies. No juice or soda. No sugary cereals. No dairy at all and maybe meat a time or two (kalua pig I(of the hunter gatherer type) and cabbage comes to mind).

So to all my child rearing friends and family members: keep it simple. Make lots so there are leftovers. Freeze even the one servings for a quick microwave zap lunch one day. Do whatever it takes to get you through another day of joyful living with your kids because like everyone on earth who has had kids say: they grow up fast. (Oh. And then they have their own kids and ship 'em to you whenever they can. But it's a lot more fun the second time around.)

Bundling up little ones takes a while!

Now I know why parents love t.v. There is something so wrong with this scene but SORRY! Better this than Mac 'n Cheese.

So much work but oh so fun!
This is all of 'em!

Try taking a 4 kid pic

Someone always wants to clown around

The same swing her Mama used when she was a kid.

The same swing his Dad used when he was a kid.

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