Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Excalibur and Dehydrating

For months I have wanted a good dehydrator. In fact I blogged about borrowing an Excalibur dehydrator here back in October 2011. My friend, Kris, from Attainable Sustainable, let me borrow hers and from that moment I have been pining over having my very own. But it is pricey. So I made sure to do my research which consisted of asking others (including Sylvia of Licious Dishes) what brand they prefer.

I finally broke down and bought one on Amazon. I got the 9 tray one. It looks like this only black. And I bought the ParaFlexx sheets to make fruit leathers and crackers. I reasoned it out in my head. I saved money in January by not going to Starbucks or Jamba Juice at all. I have been very frugal in my driving so I actually saved hundreds in gas money.  And I came up with a few more reasons that I could "afford" to finally splurge on a dehydrator. From all I heard Excalibur is top of the line goodness. And now that I have it, I know this to be true.

An inside look

Good drying guide included on machine. I like 135 but I think raw foodists keep it in the yellow (more like 105)

The best of the lot, according to those I talked to (Licious Dishes included!)

Bananas are extremely 'ono dehydrated.

I always cut them this way but next time I'll cut them as "coin" shaped

My first try at fruit leather though it wasn't that great. This was just leftover smoothie. Not a good idea.

kale chips and pineapple are both HUGE WINNERS!

Tomatoes on the top shelves

Strawberry, rhubarb and honey blended together in Vitamix.

After dehydrating just put on a piece of wax paper and rolled it up. SO SO DELICIOUS!

Scored free tomatoes from 'Ano'ano Farms


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