Friday, July 1, 2011

Kale is My New Best Friend

Tantadadan!! Today, ladies and gentlemen, is the VERY first time, IN MY LIFE (over half a century mind you) that I ate raw kale. Knowingly, visibly, in its live state. Oh, I stick it in my morning smoothies and as such it isn't even noticeable. But Chef AJ has inspired me and I am here to say I LOVE HER (shhh, she's my friend on Facebook, too). She, along with Julieanna Hever, the plant based dietician, just put out Episode 23 of The Chef and the Dietician.
But first, short story long...
I have kale in my garden and despite seeing TONS of recipes online for using kale in salads, raw, the only way I use kale is in a smoothie (raw but pulverized beyond recognition) or maybe in a stew. Maybe. But I was inspired when I saw Chef AJ's video. And since today is the beginning of the new 6 week challenge for me and my friends, I decided I need to broaden my salad horizons! So I made:
I made the dressing. I chopped up the kale (tore it actually). I poured the dressing over the kale and mixed it up. And then I tried a piece of kale. And then I went to the fridge to grab more kale.
But the real test was when my husband came home for dinner. I said, "I made a new salad today and it's called Hail to the Kale." He said, "As long as it's not called What the Hail is This it's all good." HAHA! He's funny on his first day of the challenge. Good sign.
Okay. Story is almost done. He said that it was SO GOOD and that he could put that dressing on ANYTHING and it would be good and could he just have some so he could put it on the mega salads that he could eat if he had that dressing.
Fresh from the garden and ready for dressing


Can you taste the yummy goodness?


  1. Wow, that looks cool. I'm definitely going to try that! Her book "Unprocessed" sounds interesting, too. Do you have it?

  2. I tried the Hail to Kale tonight and LOVED it! I'm planting kale in my garden. -- Ulu

  3. Omg!!! Haha. Which Ulu are you? Both i know garden!! Hahaha.



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