Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coach's Oats

Breakfast choices, for me, have to be simple. I love to lounge early in the morning and then do my chores so spending a lot of time in the kitchen is not a priority. That means that breakfast, while on the 6 week challenge (and otherwise I suppose) consists of either oatmeal (steel, Coach's, or rolled) or smoothies.
I read an article last night that said all oats are created equal (of course this does NOT refer to the packaged just add water and wait 10 seconds because all the sugar in me makes it go FAST kind). I was a hard ruled steel cut only kind of gal and then I read this and felt much better. So this morning I was happy to make me some Coach's Oats (thank you, Costco). And because we are out of bananas I decided to change it up a bit (love bananas on my oats, especially at Jamba Juice). I added some chia seeds (yay for my omega 3's), raisins and dried unsweetened cherries during the cooking portion and then put a plop of cashew butter on top (thanks to the make your own nut butter area in Whole Foods), my new favorite additive. The raisins and cherries (both purchased at Trader Joe's, no additives whatsoever) plumped up nicely and offered just the right amount of sweetness. The chia gave the oatmeal a slight crunchiness but it wasn't too distracting.  I did start with a little bit more water knowing the chia would thicken it up. And it did. Just right.


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  1. Wait a minute! Whole Foods? Trader Joe's? Stop teasing us! ;)



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