Friday, October 22, 2010

Christmas Morning French Toast

This is another great recipe from my FSiL (favorite sister-in-law) J9. I swear, everytime I travel to "The Couve" in Vancouver, WA, she makes something totally delicious, to die for, relatively easy, fattening, and I can't live without it another minute. This is one of those. I made it the moment I got home. And I was tempted to take off the "Christmas Morning" part of the title but to honor her, I kept it on because that's how she wrote it in her recipe book.

Yup. That's the recipe! And that's how I am committing it to memory. I took a photo of the front and back page, uploaded it to my iPhoto, uploaded the photos to my evernote and now I'm uploading it here! For all of you (sorry J9, I know you mentioned something about ugly writing but whatevers. Your writing is never anything but beautiful). You prep half the night before and half in the morning. Piece of cake. So to speak.
brown sugar butter before the heat is turned on

I sometimes feel like drinking this. I'm sure that with a little rum it must taste wonderful!

Poured the melted goodness (sans rum) over the bread. I love nuts. I think I put more than the recipe called for. I always do. But I left off the right side because my Kika doesn't like nuts. And I think it was her birthday breakfast.

Can you believe this is the raw state? Don't you just want to eat it already?

Ah. This looks cooked.

It's ready for eating! Nice and puffed up and WARM!



  1. (Evernote is my favorite place to record recipes now) I love French toast, this looks so 'ono and "so duck soup"! The Christmas Morning part does invoke warm, happy feelings. I wonder how it would be with Punalu'u sweet bread. Can't wait to try, Mahalo!

  2. Kāhele I have so many recipes in Evernote! And I have a category called "To Try" that is so full!

    I actually did use the Punalu'u Sweet Bread for this one. It's fab. I cut down on the sugar just a bit.

  3. Note: You can eliminate the corn syrup. I just made a double batch this morning and left it out of the recipe (by mistake...and i even took the corn syrup out of the pantry and placed it on the counter so I wouldn't forget. I forgot). Made absolutely NO difference whatsoever.



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