Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving

my lovely uhu
I love Thanksgiving. I love that we share it with other families so that the cooking part is not so overwhelming. I love that we rotate responsibilities each year so that the burden to clean doesn't fall on just one family. I love that the same people love to gather and new people can join and we have even more fun. I love that we eat to capacity and then we rest and then we play and then we eat again. And then everyone takes home leftovers so even if the party wasn't at your house you still have food to eat the next day. I love Thanksgiving.
My mom made this delicious jello mold which has cheese and pineapple and who knows what else but it is SO DELICIOUS. And made so beautiful in the tupperware mold.

I made homemade buns. They rose a little too long because I didn't time the uhu baking well but they were still delicious. And so easy. I really should blog about it, that's how easy they were.

So happy that Laura and her sons and her honey joined us. Even happier that she brought i'a ota, a.k.a. poisson cru. Yum.

Lisa made this beautiful spinach salad that had a homemade dressing. I love her salads. It makes me want to eat salad.

Lisa ALWAYS makes a beautiful cranberry mold with a most delicious whipped topping. Even without turkey it was delish!

And I was so thankful for the beautiful Thanksgiving weather. It could not have been any better.

Jo even played in her dress. We called her the mumu lady. HAHAHA!

And even the little ones play. Hulali held this pose for the longest time. Always ready.

Kaiulu was an awesome player!!!

Hulali moment

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