Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eat Local Challenge Day Two

Let me tell you, IT IS A CHALLENGE. Along the lines of losing weight. Diet style. Limited choices. Frustration. Another day trip to O'ahu put a HUGE damper on my day. I had some dry mango (from Hōnaunau) for a breakfast "snack" but by the time lunch rolled around and pizza hut rolled in to our meeting room, I had zero will power. Needless to say, I had my salad. And then proceeds to mop up a couple slices of pizza. The fact that it was vegetarian is null. It was definitely NOT local. I bet not a single thing I consumed at lunch was local. I was sad.
Dinner went much better: Hāmākua mushrooms, local arugula and spinach as well as tomatoes and yellow peppers all presented themselves in a wonderful omelette, thanks to hens from Kalōpā. A dessert of lilikoʻi sorbet topped off a partially successful day.

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