Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 3

This is seriously a difficult challenge. Day 3 - Hmmm...I think the lack of protein is affecting my memory. Just kidding. I started out the morning with some wonderful pineapple, thanks to my daughter, Kika. She made one bowl full of pineapple with li hing mui powder and one small bowl without. For me. Very thoughtful. At this point I am thankful anything edible and local.
I went to the open market in Hilo and I was very disheartened. I walked around and just KNEW that so much of the produce there is flown in. I know it is. I know of NO FARMERS who grow garlic, especially in the quanitity I see at the open market, especially in the cute little plastic bags with the red tape ties or in the white mesh bag. I feel so USED! I ended up buying basil, sweet potatoes and farm fresh eggs. Paying $5 for a dozen eggs is never going to phase me again. I think it is quite worth it.
Lunch consisted of an avocado. And I cheated and ate a couple of dark chocolate mints I had in my office. But the Hershey's Kisses remain uneaten.

I don't even want to discuss dinner, mainly because I DIDN'T have any. I spent the evening prepping 10 lbs of tomatoes for the crockpot. I made delicious stewed tomatoes using Hawaiian B tomatoes, their bell peppers, and some very non local items, including onions, garlic, and butter.

I'm getting there, albeit s l o w .



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