Monday, June 7, 2010

Salsa Luahiwa Style

With all the tomatoes in my house and Facebook as my friend, I queried my friends for some suggestions (I mean, seriously, what does one do with 20 lbs of tomatoes?). While a couple friends suggested salsa, Luahiwa actually gave me a wonderful list of ingredients that got me on my way. Sorry, no amounts of ingredients but pictures may help.
Here are Luahiwa's suggested ingredients:

tomatoes, yellow bells, sweet fruit (papaya or mango), crunchy fruit (apple or nectarine), lemon juice, cilantro, 'alaea salt. No such thing as a recipe; just chop and mix. Make it today, start eating it tomorrow. Consume with lime chips, tortillas, or fried i'a.

I took her ideas and then went with ingredients I had on hand: yellow bells, one medium mango (that sucker cost me $2.75 at the open market and I'm still recovering from the thought), lime juice (half a lime), cilantro (you either love it or you hate it. I love it so I put a lot), round onion and green onion, Hawaiian salt (Hanapepe is always my favorite choice but you could use a kosher salt, maybe start with 1/2 tsp and add to taste), pepper, chili pepper flakes (I wish I had a hot pepper like a jalapeno to add instead) and a few tomatoes.
I thought the color was so beautiful--yellow bell peppers and ripe mango. I think I could have just eaten this and be perfectly happy.

We ate it with tortilla chips. Then I got a corn tortilla and melted some cheese in it, scooped some salsa on it and wrapped it up. Ate it like a burrito. Then I had to leave the house. I would have eaten it all up. When I returned an hour or so later, the big bowl of salsa was being held by an unnamed family member who looked at me and just nodded. I think it was the nod of approval. Next thing I saw was an empty bowl in the sink. I was hoping to at least have some leftover that I would keep in the fridge to be eaten the following day. You know, the way things taste better the next day? No chance.

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