Saturday, August 6, 2011

Liliko'i Puree

It was a very sad day when renegade cattle broke into our yard and one stepped on the main stalk of my well tended liliko'i vine (a.k.a. passionfruit) last year. Ever since I have not had the courage to plant more. And I refuse to buy the fruits knowing how I could grow them at home. If I want to. So I was more than ecstatic when my friend, Kris, from Attainable Sustainable, gave me a big bag of liliko'i.

In my past life I would have made the puree and conjured up some liliko'i sorbet but in my new life the puree serves as a wonderful additive to smoothies. YUM!

If you have access to liliko'i, make some puree. Use it to brighten up your tastebuds!


  1. we must be on the same track. only i bought all the lilikoi at the farmer's market, zip zip in the blender. put in baggies (1.5 c) into the freezer. made (horrors!!) lilkoi jelly (more like syrup) with lots and lots of sugar and been eating pnut butter and lilikoi sandwiches with home made bread.

    oh yum.

  2. i'm less healthy than you. i'm your paauilo neighbor across the way. you know.



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