Monday, July 12, 2010

More Tomatoes!

I just wanted to share with you more tomato joys. Here are some pictures of my own renegade tomato plant that is growing next to my compost bin in the yard! And more tomatoes purchased from a nearby tomato farm means more roasted tomatoes! We ate some last night, chopped and added to pasta and some just plopped up on slices of bread, with some garlic butter.
Hulali was my official tomato picker, first crop of the season. I have not had great success growing tomatoes way up here in the mountain (too wet, I think) but apparently this warm summer weather and strong wild tomatoes love it!

Glen put up some hog wire so we could tie up the plant to grow up rather than OUT.
Hulali loves showing off tomatoes but hates eating them!

I roasted these cut tomatoes at 250 degrees for about 6 hours.

They look just about done.

The smell in the house is incredible. Once I took the tomatoes out I could just pinch off the skin. I threw them into a tupperware container and drizzled some olive oil over them. The taste is so rich and delicious. I hope you try it. And if you do, I hope you let me know how you like it.

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