Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kim Chee Soup

I think we are secretly Korean in this household. We love everything Korean. So Kim Chee is always a welcome dish, especially on a cold evening. We buy the Costco HUGE jar of kim chee. One day I will make my own kim chee.
I only started making the soup a few months ago. All along I thought it would be difficult but this is one of THE SIMPLEST soups to make. When I was recipe hunting online I found that all the recipes were pretty much the same. You can fancy and perhaps one day I will but for now, simple works for me and the fam.

5 garlic cloves (or so)
4 oz. belly pork (optional, usually I don't even add meat)
2 or so cups of kim chee, rough chopped
1 onion, cut the long way, into strips (or whatever way you like...I notice Koreans do the strips)
1 cup (or more) kim chee juice
2 cups chicken broth
2 cups water (or so)
firm tofu, cut into cubes
green onion (optional)

Using a little oil (maybe sesame oil would work well for taste), fry up the garlic cloves with the onions. While this is frying and you are stirring periodically, start chopping up the kim chee. When the onions are limp (not totally translucent, that just takes too long), add the chopped kim chee and stir around a bit. Then add all the liquids: kim chee juice, chicken broth, water. Taste. If it's not tasty enough, you can try adding more broth or chicken stock powder/cube (I just bought a huge jar of Knorr chicken flavor bouillon and I think it's going to be my new best friend because I always use chicken stock). Let it simmer for about 1/2 hour. Maybe. Less is probably okay. Garnish with green onions. Cut up the tofu and leave it in a bowl on the side. Not everyone in my family appreciates tofu so I let them add it to their own.
I bought, as a fundraiser, raw marinated teriyaki meat. I fried that up and cut it into strips for people to add to their soup. It was a great addition to our soup tonight but generally, no meat.
Kaipo says, "You can eat 5ths of that!" Glen didn't have any. But when you have white rice and spicy pork as the main course, well, sometimes you just skip the soup. Kim chee soup is ALL I ate. Shelby said, "It's no good. It makes you eat so much. I went back 3 times." I guess that's an A.

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